Friday, July 24, 2009

Girl Power!

My colleagues were all predicting the same thing, Ted was very positive about it, even the two kids know what they want... A girl! It seems I'm the only one who's still unsure. Maybe because I don't want to feel disappointment, just in case, the opposite happens.

On my 5th month, off we went to megamall's In My Womb, to try the latest in ultrasound technology, 3d/4d. It's quite an expensive service, really. The cheapest is about 2,200 for a 3D ultrasound, which will get your 3 4R colored photos of the developing baby and gender determination. Since I was scheduled also the the Congenital Anomaly Scanning, which costs 2,500. I spent 3,500 for the whole experience.

Initially, i told the staff, to just do a 2D ultrasound. If it's a girl, that's the time we'll do a 3D. Poor Baby! Can you blame me? I had my fill of grainy black and white boys' ultrasound photos. I know what to expect. I was ushered into the room with the ultrasound machine, the boys were also in the same room, but separated with a ledge, though there's no glass partition. They have chairs to sit, and see the whole thing happening. They are very, very noisy, talking with the doctor.

Initially, the baby's genitals could not be seen. She's tucked somewhere in my rightside. The doctor asked all of them, if they want a boy or a girl.. and they all said, a girl!! Well, she said, you will soon have a little princess! look at her waving her hands!! She was indeed making open and close fists.

Despite her pronouncements and pointing to the lacking "lawit" I couldn't quite believe that she's indeed a girl. Doctors are fallible. So, could she be mistaken? It's just too surreal to be true. Well, she sounds confident, have tagged the photo, and is now using the pronoun She. Our new baby is a dream come true... an Answered Prayer.

The doctor then started studying the baby's features. As usual with a congenital anomaly scan, every part of the baby's body is scanned. The good doctor/sonologist keep a running commentary, counting the fingers, looking at the 4valves of the heart, listening to the heartbeat. It was a steady 140per minute. good rhythm.

After awhile the boys got bored. They were already talking about lunch while I was lying there being scanned. Kids! I chose the photos that will be printed. Honestly, the baby's figure is still a bit unformed. I was asking the doctor why it doesn't look like those in their posters and brochures. Apparently, those shots were of babies already 8 to 9 month old. Fully-formed, and almost ready to be given birth to. Our baby is just 5th month old, still being formed. She suggests that I get another ultrasound maybe 3 to 4months from now.

There's a slight problem with the growth of my placenta. It's laying too low, almost near my cervix. According to literature, if this one persists, I had to undergo caesarian. But the doctors assured me that normally the placenta will go up, when the uterus grows, about 98% of low-laying placenta will resolve itself. I hope and pray that i will be part of that statistics.