Saturday, March 27, 2010


If i have it my way, he would have been Grade one already by age 6. However, these big schools have age requirements, he had to be age 7 to enroll in grade 1. So Hans had taken up Prep again. I was concerned that he might graduate high school too old, Lourdes School has grade 7. The same way I did in my elementary days.
But when I saw him with the rest of his classmates on their recent graduation, my concerns were unfounded. There were several boys looking much bigger than he is, and they're all Kinder.

I was expecting a usual graduation ceremony with names being called one by one, and parents are enjoined to pin the ribbons or medals, in case the kid, has an honor or something.

But hans' graduation was different. There was none of those dressed-up toga, go up the stage, shake hands. It was a fun, light, entertaining dance program prepared by the kids to entertain the parents. It basically showcases how matured, behaved, obedient, prayerful -- what they have become since we enrolled them 10 months ago, and shelled-out 70K. Bwahahahaha

When it was my son's class turn to dance, I was so proud of him. He dances so well. He was not shy, he had the groove. Whenever I see him dance, at home or in parties, I cannot fully comprehend where he got his talent. i was a klutz in high school. My husband was a nerd. I was more involved in essay-writing contests, quiz shows, extemporaneous speeches rather than the more graceful dance programs. Weird. I must have been listening to too much pop music while I was pregnant with him. :)

Congratulations, my son. This is just a start of your journey ahead. Too many things to learn, skills to develop, talents to be unlocked. I do not aspire for you to be the best in class, or to be the best in your school. It can be frustrating often trying to measure up to others' standards. My dream is for you, to be the BEST of what YOU can be.


butterfly said...

aha! haven't you seen ted dance? hahaha...dinadaan sa clapping of hands, step right, step left...

anyway congrats to hans. i believe he's brilliant student. here too, hindi uso graduation rites. the kids just have a quick program such as singing some songs. tapos give lang certificates one by one ng teacher. there's no such thing here as "recognition awards". no best in anything. kakamiss sa pinas when the parents got to pin ribbons.

RipeMango said...

hi teena,
showed ted ur comments and he had a laugh. i think until now, he's using the same steps. didn't outgrow it. :)

butterfly said...
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butterfly said...

he last dancing gimiks we had nu'ng umuwi ako 1999. sa Kampo pa ata kami nun. grabe.katuwa. mga bagets songs pa tinugtog. clapping effect mga guys. hahaha

butterfly said...

i removed the 1st comment coz of type error. ay, me error pa rin here. hahaha. nawala yung "T" dapat "the dancing..."