Saturday, March 27, 2010

Rania's a Christian!

March 27 was a beautiful sunny saturday morning when we had Rania baptized at the Hearts of Jesus and Mary Parish (twin hearts) in West Triangle, Quezon City. Though we lived quite far from QC, we decided to have her christening there because Hans & Ivan were also baptised there. Also, we fell-in love, with their beautiful air-conditioned christening room which makes the event intimate and memorable.

We normally have about four sets of each sponsor. But on this day and age, when most of our good friends and loved-ones are out of the country. Two of each, who can grace the event with their presence are good enough. Aissa and Mean are my colleagues from Nu Skin while Joey and Leodie are Ted's asssociates from San Miguel.

Rania wore a white dress with a requisite hat. The dress was a hand-me down gift from my friend Divine, whose daughter was baptised a year ago. It doesn't make sense that I should buy her a new long christening gown, when it will only be worn once, and for only a few minutes, since most christening cloth are very itchy. We are not the type naman to make a legacy out of it.

The priest was a jolly fellow who made a loving homily about our responsibilities of raising a Catholic child, how the sponsors should lend a helping hand, as well. Don't you just love christenings, whether it's your kids' or not? It's always refreshing to, sort-of, renew the vows we made to the Lord & and the church, of raising God-fearing kids.

We had lunch reservations at Mario's along Tomas Morato. I love Mario's, the ambience is like a piano bar, but food is comforting. My choices were a mix-match of my all-time favorites -- greens & kangkong fritters for appetizers. Main dishes were melts-in-your-mouth Beef Rendang, fresh fish fillet in oriental sauce, Chicken cooked Thai-style in coconut milk with just the right kick, sauted seasoned-vegies, spaghetti puttanesca and yummy Paella with lots of chorizo de bilbao. Desserts were fluffy Canonigo (Mario's bestseller) and fudge brownies.

I bought wine from outside because Mario's wine list were too over-the-top! Ten bottles of Red and White table wines from Carlo Rossi's at 12.3% proof. Plus, two bottles of non-alcoholic Chamdor for the oldies. We paid corkage, but it was worth it.

Cakes were ordered at nearby Estrelle's. It's a small specialty neighborhood cakeshop that grew out of mother's hobby. Since 1946, they haven't really expanded. I think because they are well-off, they didn't see the reason for additional stress, in exchange for commercial value. They just love to bake, period. Their specialty was lemon custard cake.

I initially didn't want any souvenirs na. Normally, the stuff we get become dust-gatherers at home. But Ted was adamant we should have one. So, to settle the issue. I chose something practical at may silbi. Bookmarks, with a lovely image of Rania and a funny wording, "Cute is an Understatement." and for lack to time, I ordered online some tealight candleholders from a shop at Makati Shangrila. My friends says, tamang-tama, it was Earth Hour that night (830-930pm) the candles will come in handy!

It was a memorable day, with excellent food, pleasant company, lots of laughter and wishes, teasings and lasted till about 230pm lingering over coffee.

My wishes for you, my dear daughter...

"Your Christening is just one of our attempts of becoming good parents to you. You and your brothers came to our lives without any working manual. The way we will raise you, are basically handed-down methodologies we got from our parents. We, your parents turned-out ok, so those methods must be working fine.

As our only daughter, you truly are a blessing we have asked from the Lord, given most lovingly. I don't wish you to be a mini-me, just because we are the only ladies in the famiy. Although, if my style and manners will rub-off on you, please forgive me. Genes and consistent exposure are to blame. You are a unique individual, and I look forward in discovering your developing person, in each and everyday.


butterfly said...

first of all, my wishes for my inaanak, Rania. hope you grew up smart like your dad and mom, be god-fearing and the best of health. for sure, you'll be a pretty lady, one day.

thanks for sharing these mareng dewie. kumare ko pala si aissa. wow! dami kong na miss here. i love the bookmark. meron pa ba'ng natira neto? the cake is adorable!

congrats again to you and ted for a successful event.

1st birthday- next!

RipeMango said...

hi teena, thanks for the wishes. when she grows up, she can read this. yah, the bookmark looks funny like an anne geddes photography giveaway. :) i'll reserve you some. i didn't serve the cake, i ate half the next day, to relieve my hangover. we had celebrations at the house, as usual, with all the folks from Lukban coming over the house :)

butterfly said...

wow, thanks for the bookmark! anne geddes nga dating, which is one of my faves. pag-uwi ko na lang ha. save it for me. hope we can do some gimiks even for a day when i go home.