Monday, March 29, 2010

simplest things that make me happy

Sabi nga, "The best things in life are Free." In this day and age, when too much is focused on material things, of acquiring, of competing, of achieving, of getting ahead... I like to list down, and remind myself, of the simplest things that bring me really bring me real joy without the stress and the pricetag.. things such as ...

1.) the smell of my sons' hair after a bath
2.) waking up to the smell of native longganisa being cooked, and coffee brewing
3.) a sip of iced calamansi juice with honey on a hot, summer day
4.) crunchy turon..and surprise, there's langka sandwiched between the ripe bananas
5.) my hubby's warm body, cuddling me, when the aircon goes full-blast
6.) that fresh, clean feeling, after 15minutes doing body scrub
7.) ahh.. conditioner, after shampoo.. untangling hair
8.) finishing a song on karaoke, and out-scoring my partner by 20pts.
9.) my eldest solving a math problem (a relief, that he's not math-averse like me!)
10.) dark, dark chocolate, melting in my mouth, justifying in my mind, that it's antioxidant.
11.) perfectly applied eyeliner... whew!
12.) deleting all 300 sent messages in my cellphone.
13.) updating my blog, and getting a nice comment from someone i don't know
14.) helping resolve someone else's dilemma, at yahoo answers
15.) getting latest update from a good friend, who live far away
16.) cooking a dish, with the barest ingredient (ginisang gulay) and the whole family finishing it all
17.) conniving w. kids to do a secret project for Daddy
18.) not missing a novena day
19.) fun, gayspeak, conversations
20.) updated showbiz tidbits
21.) my body sweating it out in the hot sauna
22.) listening to my favorite love songs, in the cold dark night while I write my journal

what's your simplest pleasures?


butterfly said...

you stated the simplest things that obviously make you "high". that's true, the best things in life are free.

butterfly said...

some of mine:

-eating snickers!

-seeing my little daughter learn new things


-emptying the bin of clothes to iron

andami pa.

RipeMango said...

true teena. the true secret of happiness, is finding enjoyment in everyday things.

thespalmes said...

...reading a book, and sanding the edges of my book to keep them almost like new.

...surfing the net to research new places to go.

...looking at old pictures.

...looking at my ty bears.


...watching the sunset!

...smell and feel of newly changed white pillows!

...entering newly scrubbed bathroom

and many more!