Sunday, March 7, 2010

vanity hurts

Rania had her usual doctor's visit this morning. The difference is, aside from the usual vaccinations, we had her ears pierced. It was an exciting day for my 3 boys. Baby girl rituals are new for them. Well, for me, too. Everything is a new experience.

My boys were giddy with excitement. The receptionist told us that Dr. Regalado does not accept ear piercing on weekends, only weekdays. It was a saturday, but Ted wouldn't be dissuaded. When we got in, nagparinig agad ke doc. "Doc, sayang, hindi daw kayo nagbubutas ng tenga ng weekend. excited pa naman kami magka-earings si rania." "OO nga po, kasi he looks like a boy." Paano mo ba naman matatanggihan ang sumamo ng 3 boys? So, pinagbigyan kami.

Poor rania, she was crying like a banshee. Hans and Ivan were covering their ears with the throwpillows. They don't like to hear her crying. After sometime, ok na.
She looked so cute with her new emerald-green colored earings.I think she loves it.

Now, the next question is, what do buy that would go lovely with her new earings?


butterfly said...

wow, congrats sa new earrings ni rania. how cute. girl na girl ka na! my daughter hasn't undergo ear piercing yet. hindi kasi uso dito yung baby pa me earrings na. baka before 2 years old na lang sya.

butterfly said...

thanks for getting me as one of the ninangs. proud to be! wishing rania good health and all the happiness that life can bring.

RipeMango said...

thanks teena!

RipeMango said...

oh tlaga. samantalang dito, wala pang 4mons, kinukulit na ako ng mga friends ko, na pabutas na si rania tenga. maaga umarte dito. hahahha

butterfly said...

yeah. sa atin di ba, minsan after birth, butas agad tenga ng komadrona. here naman pag medyo hindi na nagsusubo ang babies. baka daw malunok ang earrings.

and since too much hair naman si zendra...mukha na ngang "the grudge" pag nagigising (hahaha)..she looks so girly naman. earrings can wait. dami na ngang gifts nya here. naiinip yung mga nagbigay. =)