Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Big School Entrance Exams

After two fun years in Red Apple Playschool, kinder and Prep. It's time for Hans to take the leap towards big school. It's so different now. Unlike before, we are usually sent to a big school nearest to the house. Now, we feel like we have a senior high school student applying for colleges & universities.

We started applying for La Salle and Ateneo grade schools early September. We were scheduled for the exams, early october. We found out, we were last batch na pala. So, it seems the other parents filed their applications earlier. The instructions were very systematic. Report to the venue, at this time, release of results after two months. Do not call. We will release.

Ted brought hans to both schools during the filing of applications. Well, so far, he said he wants to be a blue eagle rather than a green archer. Oh Lord, sana lang pumasa.

In his La Salle exam, both of us went with him. He was very excited and gung-ho to fall in line. Made friends with a seatmate. Even signaled the arms, "yes!" While they were on the way to the testing room.

Unfortunately, he got sick in the week preceeding his Ateneo entrance. He has some viral thing. On exam day, as Ted was signing a waiver that the child is in good-health during the exam, we decided to have it rescheduled. They're understanding naman.

Kaso, on the day of the exams. Panay ubo at sipon pa rin. I was so worried while waiting for him. Funny thing about the parents of kids in Ateneo, hindi magkaugaga how to make their kids comfortable. Pinapapila lang ng teachers, they're still there, behind the child, giving additional instructions. Ako naman, "hans, go there. Pila daw." :)

With his exams in Lourdes School of Mandaluyong, I'm most confident. I was able to ask feedback from the guidance-examiner immediately. I can hear them converse during the exams. She said that Hans has very good handwriting. He writes like a grade one. He answers questions clearly and understand instructions very well.

Hans, being only 5 1/2 years old applied Prep for all the 3 schools.

Bahala na. We're praying for the best. Whereever he is accepted, we'll just make the most of it.