Friday, May 29, 2009

Liveable -- at last!

Finally! After a literally gruelling 2-3 months of renovation, we have moved-in to our own new home! I can't describe the feeling, but my husband succintly described it, after waking up in our own bedroom, "Iba talaga, pag sarili mong bahay. Parang wala kang ini-intindi na. Relax!"

Renovation was no-joke! I can't describe everything in detail. I guess some of these before and after photos will tell the story. It's actually a complete renovation of the house. As my husband say, "Parang lot and framework lang binili natin."

This is the old living room. The former owner had enormous sofas, wall cabinets and consoles that are all over the place. Notice that there's a dog near my feet. She actuallys allows her dirty askal to roam around the whole house! On a positive note, we both like warm lights instead of stark flourescents.

Here's our version of the same space. We made drop ceilings to hide the lights installation, and create depth, installed ceilings fans, for some breeze. In the windows, we made built-in seating, which has storage underneath. This became the favorite nooks of the kids and the helpers watching the goings-on in the street below

I wanted a cheery, happy living room, so we painted one of the walls - bright sunny yellow. We installed our home theater in the living room, because there's nowhere else to place it. I would have wanted a home theater, but it's kinda impossible on this townhouse!

We have some paintings, which we bought from Bali, waiting to be installed on the walls. Ted volountered to do them, but he hasn't find the time yet. I'm not so keen on curtains. It's homey, cute but too traditional and commonplace for my taste. Ted and I are still debating whether curtains or blinds. Besides, we're still saving up to settle some obligations!! So, Those little things have to wait awhile.

This is what the old dining area looks like.

As you can see, she has a passion for pink. Pink Curtains, pink walls and that garish bluegreen "roller-painted" images of leaves running all over the ceilings. Clutter all-over. eeww!

Here's our version of the dining area.

We didn't buy new tables, because a 4seater is still enough for our small family. Though a 6seater is also perfect for this space. Besides, I wanted more space... plenty of space to move around. Thank God, my husband was tolerant of me, wanting a redish-orangish color because I read somewhere that it stimulates appetite. The embossed wall, as my friend Rommel, who helped make sense of my style puts it, is a Statement. The oomph that this little unit needs. On top of the wall, there are installed warm lights, which creates a glow while we're dining. We haven't got around to buying lights on the ceiling. I wanted a something that will really go with the wall. For now, the soft glow from the wall is enough to guide our dining pursuits.

This is the old kitchen.
What can i say? She has too much going on! The cabinets, for sure, have termites. They really had to go. The pics will speak for itself

The new kitchen for the lady of the house! I would have done something on the marble countertop, but taking them off will be too much trouble. Non-fire stove, conductor microwave ovens, high-tech rice cooker that can cook bulalo as well, all electricity-powered, and, in modern black and silver color! My dearest husband thinks of everything! I better produce some culinary creations to make all these modernity worth it.

I'd rather not post my complete side by side of my documentation process of the whole renovation. Suffice to say that some of the "before" photos might disturb some of your sensibilities.

So, here are photos of the newly renovated unit. We havent' gotten around to buying a lot of furnishings. For now, we're making do of what we have accumulated from the past years.

I'm especially proud of this window treatment at the master's bedroom because I was the one who designed it. We don't have a home office, so I had a built-in desk made overlooking the window. Underneath are open shelves for my little brick-a-bracks and a drawer and cabinet to put in all our paper clutter. I love that i can look over the window, and get a view over the treetops.

Some of the other parts of the house:

The dirty kitchen, at the end of the garage, on the 1st floor

Our Lanai at the roofdeck, which is temporarily being used as drying area.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Our Latest Offering

All pregnancies are blessings from God. What you make of your children's lives are your offerings to Him. I'm calling our latest pregnancy as our 3rd Offering.
Certainly, bringing another child in this world is something that a couple can offer to God. It's no joke to raise a child, providing all the material comforts and the emotional investments. Hindi ka lang naman magluluwal ng sanggol. You are committing yourself to a lifetime of responsibility and accountability to another person's life. It's tiring, challenging, sometimes frustrating but all in all, it's worthwhile and rewarding.

Having kids gives direction to a marriage. A person, more so a couple, has so much capacity to love and nurture. Kung wala kang aalagaan at mamahalin, sayang yan!

Everyone knows that my hubby and i are hoping for a baby girl. With the two handful boys that we have, we are looking forward to a more serene and less racuous little girl.

Now, this pregnancy is little bit different than my earlier two.
Whereas before, I look gorgeous and have no problems at all despite my slowly burgeoning tummy, now, I have a tons of pimples! I'm the type who will not take this sitting down, especially since I'm working for a premium personal care company.
At the first sight of a zit, I'm ready with my anti-pimple cream.

Unfortunately, my pregnancy hormones seems to be working overtime. My pimples keep sprouting, and their favorite spots are my left face. My right face is still manageable. My colleagues and my hubby say there's really no fighting hormones at this time!

I try not to be too conscious about it. It could also be the effect of the on-going renovation around the house. A bit dusty environment.

Another concern is my gray hair! Eversince I joined the bandwagon of changing my hair color, I've started developing gray hair strands after a few months. That's why I need to re-touch my hair color every now and then. I research extensively about hair coloring during pregnancy. There are 2 school of thoughts. Some advize zero major hair treatments altogether. While some literature says that hair dyes are too superficial to go thru the bloodstream and affect the baby. So,it's ok to color the hair.

Well, lest I be depressed with all my gray hair showing. I took the chance of having my hair colored. Perfeect timing because Bench Fix had a 30% mark down of its hair coloring services!

Aahh.. to feel gorgeous again!! Heaven! I always take pride in looking my best even if I'm pregnant. some say that if one looks extra lovely during pregnancy, with that glow, likely the child will turn-out to be a boy. In my past two pregnancies, with less efforts, I can look pretty with aplomb. Now, I have to double my efforts!

Well, Is this a sign that it will be a girl?

Let's see!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Red Apple goes Latino

The Moving Up Day of our eldest Hans, was extra special. Red Apple playschool themed it as Latino. The teachers and the kids were in Mexican costumes and Spanish words were carelessly thrownabout.

The event was held at the penthouse of the Children's Library near Pasig City Hall. It was a good 5 floors walk-up. I heard that the kids were already practicing there for about a week. Unfortunately, Ted had an overnight team-building at Punta Fuego. He's new at coke, so he cannot beg-off. I went with ate carol, lenlen, kuya johnrick and Ivan.

The cutest thing about Red Apple, they usually prepare surprises for the parents. They swore kids to the secrecy about the happenings on the event. Even the yayas are not aware.

There was the usual group prayer, recognition of top students and speeches of the 1st honor. Amazing how some kids are advanced for their age. The Top 1 can already read his prepared speech.

Hans, introduced himself and what he wants to be when he grows up, A soccer player. This ambition is two years in the running already.

He also got the most participative award:

The cutest part was during the group dance. Hans was the star of the show! The song was Volare, and there was a spanish narration at the beginning of the song. He was the one who lipsych it. He was the one who opened the number! So cute, how he was acting it all out, feel na feel. It was a fun number. Marunong ng magpatawa ang anak ko. I was so proud!

The second most touching number was the final song. They say Thank You, I think by Sarah Brightman. They had their hands at their back, and at the end of the song, they went to their mommies, and gave a white rose, and said Thank You Mommy! I was so touched, and my tears flowed! Then he embraced me..

Parallel Universe. During my grade school days, we used to do this to our teachers during Teachers' Day. Now, it's being done to me as a parent. It's a lovely feeling. Hay, to have kids! Some days, they make you feel frustated, you feel you're robbed of our personal time. But days like this, it makes you feel, rewarded, fulfilled and ever thankful that God has given you the opportunity to be a parent.