Monday, November 23, 2009

she's here!

I knew it would be sometime during the first week of November, even though the Ultrasound says it's around 29th, and last menstrual counting places it around 19th. I already had a hunch. So, i took an earlier maternity leave. I don't want to have my waterbag break at the office, or worse at SM megamall.

November 8, was one of those lazy sunday mornings. The night before I was already preparing to go to the hospital since I was feeling some regular contractions, but they were still quite distant from one another. I brought out all my pregnancy books,the babycenter website available for all my search and I've unearthed all my lamaze reading materials, for review.

By noon, I already texted my OB that the contractions are becoming regular around 20minutes intervals. It really pays to learn the birthing process. I was not panicky. I was just going thru the motions. She told me to go the hospital so i can be assessed.

When we arrived at Cardinal, I texted my OB if I can still eat before going up to the delivery room. However, she wanted me to be assessed first by her residents. When I got to the delivery room at the second floor of Cardinal Santos Hospital.

My two elder children were born at the Jose Delgado Memorial Hospital. It's a maternity hospital in Quezon City, where my two OB are affiliated. However, my second time at Delgado was not so impressive. I found the labor room, quite messy and the sheets were like from cheap motels. I don't have any issues with the staff and resident doctors at Delgado, they're all attentive and very capable. Cost-wise, five years ago, the difference between a maternity hospital and an upscale private hospital like cardinal would have been huge. But nowadays, even Delgado can be quite expensive. Good thing that big hospitals are now offering birthing packages.

Anyway, when we went up, I was the only patient in the prep room. Ted was allowed to go inside, and he saw how I was interviewed, IE-ed, and prepped for the labor room. I'm impressed how clean and organized the facilities at Cardinal Santos. There were no dirty linens, lying around uncollected.

I brought along my Ipod and magazines, i know it's usually long hours of labor. I'm prepared. But they only allowed me to bring my preview & ok! magazines. No other stuff because it might get lost. During my labor with Ivan, I was reading The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks until my eyes crossed due to the labor-inducing pill, which i dimly-heard as Florabelle.

I'm impressed with my assigned labor room. It's private, and it's equipped with cable TV, fetal heart rate monitor, and a junior resident beside me. I actually had a fun labor,discussing the lives of celebrities with the resident, in-between contractions. When I was about 7cm., when i was straining a bit hard worthy of a drama actress, that the resident asked me whether i needed epidural already. I told her, you decide! She said, "ba't di mo na lang i-ire?" What? She wants me to go painful not painless?! Is she out of her mind.

3 more centimeters later, and I was already crying out, "Where's my epidural?! Please!! I need an epidural now!" The attendants were already getting stressed, also, since my OB and anesthesiologist are still not around. They're on their way!! After a few minutes of grogginess from an IV-infused pain reliever, I heard them saying, "Ok, put her on the airplane" "Dr. Aquino is on her way, but Dra. Poblete, is ready just in case." Well, at this point I don't care who should be the OB, as long, someone gives me relief.. fast!

With my 1st two deliveries, I was dead to the world. I didn't remember what happened. My anesthesia was full-blast. But this time, I am awake. So, awake that I heared my OB finally arriving, and was able to greet her, like a normal human being. Here's the funny part, before the OB arrived, I was telling everyone during my contractions, "ayan na! ayan na!" (i meant, the baby's coming out!) and I really felt the crowning of the head, but then, they were telling me, "not yet! not yet! wala pa si dra!" I felt someone pushing the head back in. So funny! Then i heard, them say, "Wait, Get the Daddy!" I wanted to pop, but they want me to wait, till all the right people are in attendance!!

After a while, i heard the anesthesiologist, with a booming voice, instructing me this and that. And then, i as floating in heaven!! I was told to push, and after two pushes, I was told to open my eyes, and because lo and behold, Rania's there! Crying her heart out! What a relief!

Now, I want to sleep! But wait, they're still laughing. The anesthesiologist was making comments like, "Dewie, Next time, outpatient ka na lang ha! Ambilis mo manganak!"

Welcome to the World, Baby Rania!