Monday, May 4, 2009

Red Apple goes Latino

The Moving Up Day of our eldest Hans, was extra special. Red Apple playschool themed it as Latino. The teachers and the kids were in Mexican costumes and Spanish words were carelessly thrownabout.

The event was held at the penthouse of the Children's Library near Pasig City Hall. It was a good 5 floors walk-up. I heard that the kids were already practicing there for about a week. Unfortunately, Ted had an overnight team-building at Punta Fuego. He's new at coke, so he cannot beg-off. I went with ate carol, lenlen, kuya johnrick and Ivan.

The cutest thing about Red Apple, they usually prepare surprises for the parents. They swore kids to the secrecy about the happenings on the event. Even the yayas are not aware.

There was the usual group prayer, recognition of top students and speeches of the 1st honor. Amazing how some kids are advanced for their age. The Top 1 can already read his prepared speech.

Hans, introduced himself and what he wants to be when he grows up, A soccer player. This ambition is two years in the running already.

He also got the most participative award:

The cutest part was during the group dance. Hans was the star of the show! The song was Volare, and there was a spanish narration at the beginning of the song. He was the one who lipsych it. He was the one who opened the number! So cute, how he was acting it all out, feel na feel. It was a fun number. Marunong ng magpatawa ang anak ko. I was so proud!

The second most touching number was the final song. They say Thank You, I think by Sarah Brightman. They had their hands at their back, and at the end of the song, they went to their mommies, and gave a white rose, and said Thank You Mommy! I was so touched, and my tears flowed! Then he embraced me..

Parallel Universe. During my grade school days, we used to do this to our teachers during Teachers' Day. Now, it's being done to me as a parent. It's a lovely feeling. Hay, to have kids! Some days, they make you feel frustated, you feel you're robbed of our personal time. But days like this, it makes you feel, rewarded, fulfilled and ever thankful that God has given you the opportunity to be a parent.

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