Friday, April 2, 2010

Hans Strikes Kumon Gold

If you are a Mathematically-challenged person all your life. Chances are, when you have little kids of your own, you will do everything that you can to prevent them from developing the same handicap. It’s a personal wisdom gained from my own experience.

I vowed that no kids of my own will ever fear Math nor even have the slightest inferiority towards numbers. That is why, even before hans had weaned from his bottle, he’s already enrolled in Kumon Math – trekking 3x weekly to their kapasigan branch.

Kumon is a Japanese style of learning math, developed by an old Japanese guru for this son, who has difficulty in Math. The concept is doing math equations every day, in such a way, that the child masters Mathematical disciplines, whether due to constant memorization, exposure and persistence until he understands --- all under time pressure.

Sounds punishing? Not really. Afterall, he’s done 3 years of crunching his numbers and hasn’t committed Harakiri yet. As a matter of fact, on his 2nd year, I blogged that he was awarded Bronze level.

Just recently, when we moved residences, he also moved to a new kumon school, near our new home. He recently got the Gold medal, and it also states that he’s 137 of o total of 1,917 students doing Kumon, the same level as he is. Ted says, it's pretty impressive, since it's about the 10th percentile ranking.

I don't know about ranking stuff. All i know is, the boy can add, subtract, multiply and divide even before he's in Grade one. Whereas, I learned multiplication table when I was grade 4 already. So, that, in itlsef, is already a personal fulfillment for me.