Saturday, September 6, 2008

Child's Play Photography

We took the kids for a photo session at Child's Play Photography, to mark Ivan's 2nd birthday. Hans was a natural at the camera. He's so like me, i guess. He knows how to play with the camera. He easily takes directions. He even encourages Ivan to smile and pose.

Now, Ivan is a different matter. He's very shy, and took awhile for the photographer to coax a smile out of him. But when he does, it's sooo cute and innocent. He melts your heart.
I should have thought of having these yearly studio shots sooner. Medyo mahal lang. Pero worth it when you get the photos. A professional result on the images of your kids when they celebrate a milestone.

We also had a family-sitting. But i didn't like it that much. My & my husband's faces looked so professionally airbrushed or photoshop-ed, whatever you call it. We looked fakes.

Maybe we should try another studio sometime. But we paid membership fee for child's play, sayang din. I also didn't like the set-up at child's play, the props and the area are not clean. Most of the costumes are dirty. Makalat at maalikabok. The kids' photos turned out nicely though. The photographer took lots of shots, and you choose from numerous choices. One observation though, the photographer was not so kid-friendly. Medyo distant yung dating. She should have spent a few minutes warming up with the kids, so she can coax a smile from them, especially the little one.

Anyway, it was a nice experience and we'll go back again, if only to maximize the membership. You don't get the negatives, you have them print or replicate it for you.

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