Saturday, September 20, 2008

Daddy's & Hans' Day-out

It's field trip season once again at Red Apple. Last year, I accompanied Hans, but this year, I was out for an assignment in Indonesia. Thus, it was Ted's turn to chaperone our school boy.

They went to Goldilocks Cake Factory in Mandaluyong. The parents were not allowed to get inside. There were no photos inside the cake-making processes also. They had lunch at the Goldilocks Restaurant across the factory. I gathered from Ted that he overdid himself, ordering too many food, but surprisingly, both of them finished it all. Our son is really growing. Even at home, the yaya complains that Hans keep on demanding for food, even after just an hour of lunch.

Next stop was Ark Avilon, a petting zoo near Tiendesitas. The kids had a field day interacting with the animals.

Near Tiendesitas is Active Fun, A covered warehouse-type full of cushioned play areas. The kids also enjoyed the slides, the colorful balls and all the other amenities.

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