Thursday, August 2, 2007

US Trip : 2nd Day

If you're in LA, do not visit Universal Studios and Disneyland magkasunud na araw. You'll usually stay up in either place late at night. Chances are, you will be so tired the next day, you might not have enough energies to enjoy the next place.

Our pamangkins/tour guides superbly planned our itinerary. Our 2nd day in LA was more slow-paced. We went to the Chinese Theater. It's where the foot and handprints of famous celebrities are immortalized on the concrete pavement. I learned that the idea came from an untoward incident. A certain movie actor, in the 60s (70s) fell-out of the window of the theater, and made some marks on a wet cement. The owner of the chinese theather thought it would be an interesting concept for the establishment. It's fun comparing our own feet size, with the feet of Arnold Swarchzenegger, Tom Cruise, even feet prints of Donald Duck!

On the sidewalks of both sides of the stretch of Hollywood Boulevard, we saw the stars of famous celebrities. Of course, I looked for the star of my idol, Johnny Depp. I'm all smiles, as you can see.

There are roving mascots; men & women in superheroes costumes. A photo with one, will cost you a dollar each.

We took pictures at the Kodak Theater, home of the Oscars. But on ordinary day, it looks like an ordinary mall.

We also went to the galleries of Madam Tussaud and the Guiness Book of World Records. You only pay once, and you get to see both museums. The wax scupture were so life-like. Hans was a bit scared on some of them, except, of course the replicas of the Ninja Turtles, Spiderman and Superman.

There are plenty of tours being offered,in brochures, in the different shops. One of them is a tour of celebrity houses in Beverly Hills. Although, really, You have no way of confirming, if the houses they will be pointing out, are really owned by that particular celebrity. They can just point any of the fabulous homes in LA.

We were lucky to have very patient hosts, my husband's niece Shelby and her hubby Joseph, and their 2 lovable kids Seth and Sean. When I candidly ask where the famous Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive is, they gladly offered to include it in the itinerary. I thought it's just nearby. Malayo pala.

We passed through the famous sunset boulevard. It's just a long strip of highway, where on the horizon, almost blinding you while you're driving, is the setting sun.

Another icon of Beverly Hills are the very tall palm Trees, lining the avenues. They're so classy.

The rows and rows of upscale shops in Rodeo Drive are so intimidating. We didn't dare go into the shops except Coach's.

Sayang we didn't see any artista. But there were lots of nice fancy cars and nice, thin, beautiful people in fancy restaurants. There are lots of tourists, like us, looking around, having their photos taken in the landmarks.

Next stop... Universal Studios!

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