Saturday, January 10, 2009

1st Medal - Kumon

Hans received his first medal. This came from his Kumon class, which he started earlier than his playschool. He received a bronze medal, which means he's one level above his level in a regular Math class.
When I was still studying at Andres Soriano Junior Memorial School, I often receive medals during Recognition Day. Modesty aside, it's pretty common occurance that i find it "no big deal" even if my parents do not attend the Recognition Day. Usually, it's my favorite teacher who pins the ribbon or award the medal to me.
Now, that I'm a parent, it's a different matter. I feel so proud to be one of the parents who kids have an award. Also, it feels satisfying to know that my son is learning something, that all the hardwork is worth it.

Hans was the first one called. I didn't know that I had to be the one to pin the medal on him. So, I just stood aside with Ivan while and my hubby Ted, took photos. It was the teacher who awarded him the medal.
Since I started it that way, all the next awardees' parents did the same. They just let the teacher award the medal. Then, I recall, the practice should be, the teacher give the medal to me, then I should award the medal to my son. Sayang.
Anyway, I'm sure this will not be the last :) But the first one will always be memorable.
Hans, being a prep is the smalles who was given the medal in Bronze.

Enrolling him in Kumon is really worth the monthly 1,880 Php tuition fee. Kumon gives daily homework, which instill discipline. We rarely have difficulty getting him to open his books. Except after a long vacation, even if there are kumon homework that he needs to do daily, it's really difficult to get him to do them. Iba ang focus.
He started Kumon reading subjects. But i'm not so "bilib" with kumon's reading style. It's all so based on pictures. The pictures becomes more of a crutch, rather than a tool to help them read.
So, we decided to really concentrate on Math. I think mabilis lang naman matuto magbasa, once you know the basics. I want him to develop the love for math... something which I failed to have growing up.

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