Saturday, January 17, 2009

Baguio Holiday, day3

On our 3rd day and last day in Baguio, we went to the Baguio Public Market. My mother-in-law wanted to buy Ilocano blankets and brooms for pasalubong to her other children. We wanted to buy fresh vegetables and more strawberries.

While Ted, my mother-in-law and the kids went boat-riding at Burnham Park. My nephew and i went to the public market. As soon as you set foot inside, you will be acosted by well-meaning vendors, kids selling plastic bags or offering to carry your bags. Do not buy immediately from those vendors, sitting in the middle of the market, without any "pwesto." It's cheaper to buy from those who have their own stalls and there are varietry of choices.

We bought carrots, cauliflowers, red/ green peppers, potatos, cherry potatoes, native garlic & onions, and of course, more strawberries. Walk a little farther to get to the Maharlika Building, it's connected to the market, to find the nice Ilocos Blankets and beautiful Igorot weaves. I wish I did my Christmas shopping there. A set of 6 colorful placemats costs only 150 Pesos! Table runners costs the same.

A visit to Baguio will not be complete without dropping by the numerous Ukay-ukay stores. I can get myself lost in these shops for a whole day! There are so many great finds. Unfortunately, when you're travelling with the whole family, there's really no time.

I sneak into 5 shops while waiting for Ted to fetch us in our agreed meeting place, Petron Gas Station. There's this place that sells vintage Louie Vittons, Gucci, Coach bags. Oh my! I was salivating! I was looking for funky shoes. Something that I can wear leggings with. I can't find any my size. But, I chance upon a Miumiu black loafers that's my size. I couldn't pass it up. costs only 300 bucks :)

We went back to the hotel to check-out. Ivan is well-known with the staff, albeit, being the subject of their reports, due to the table banging incident the day before.

Going down, we passed by the Philippine Military Academy. It's quite a walk from the parking to the main campus. If you have old folks along with you, they can browse the museum. But for those who have the energy, go for the long walk inside the campus. The weather is cool, and there are nice photo-ops areas along the way.

If you see a cadet or two, you can ask them to pose for photos with you. They are generally accomodating, except some seniors, who always seem to have a perpetually grim expression.

Going back enroute home, we passed by Kennon View Deck. It offers a perfect view of the winding road going to Baguio. There's a small museum about how Kennon Road was established by Americans using Japanese prisoners of war.

Be sure to plan where to eat or prepare some baon. There are few restaurants from Baguio to Dagupan. You'll probably end up eating at bus drivers' joints, should you get hungry on the long drive home... which is what exactly happened to us. :(

In Dagupan, there are a lot of road vendors selling crabs and huge prawns. We bought prawns for the New Year celebration. Needless to say, we were duped because their weighing scale is faulty. Well, it's Christmas, afterall, and my husband Ted, advised me to let it pass.

Till Next Trip...

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