Monday, June 15, 2009

Off to Big School for Hans!

Remember 6 months ago, Hans did series of entrance exams to enroll for the coming school year? It was a whirlwind, trying to meet requirements and worrying if Hans can hurdle the big schools' standards (Ateneo, La Salle and Lourdes). We didn't had him take Xavier's, I have trauma against Chinese Schools. (He can learn another language as an extra-curricular activity, some other time.)

Anyway, he passed all the 3 big schools alright, but eventually the main consideration why we chose to enroll him at Lourdes School are the following:

1.)COST - Prep school in Ateneo costs more or less 83K per year. La Salle's rate is about 95K per year. Those doesn't include miscellanous and books. Both offer only
2-installments payment schemes which has interest. Lourdes' rate is only 50K. We have the option to pay quarterly, per semester or one-time. No matter what scheme, they do not add-on any interest.

2.) PROXIMITY TO THE HOUSE - a child is in his growing up years, it's cruel to have him wake up 430am or 500am to travel to school. I also don't want him to be lantang gulay at the end of the day, travelling to and fro, with all the traffic around the metro. Secondly, I also want the school to be near where i work, so I can also be present in emergencies, meetings or school programs.

3.) CATHOLIC EDUCATION - Having schooled in catholic school ourselves, and turning out just fine.. We want all the works for Hans -- first communion, rosaries, mass, daily prayers, service, etc. Is it asking too much, if i hope to see him, an acolyte someday ?

4.) NOT TOO BAD REPUTATION - the only not so favorable comment i hear about Lourdes, is that, there are a number of kids that end up being gays. But we believe that, if one is destined to be gay, he will be, no matter what. Besides, both of us are full-time hands-on parents. I think the kids are aware of gender differences and roles, early on in their lives. The other thing favorable thing I hear about Lourdes, they turn-out kids who are street-smart. Who would not be? the school is just a block away from EDSA! Hahahaha. Kidding aside, I do not want to cuddle my son, and to live constantly fearful of what's happening to him. I want my son to grow up, ready for the challenges of life. He must be able to take care of himself, with or without mommy & daddy around.

So, yesterday, Hans rode his school bus, and was on his own, for the first time, without any mommy/ daddy or yaya. I was not apprehensive at all, I was confident for Hans.

Well, I was suppose to meet him, at the gate, because the school bus' staff are not allowed inside the school. I was suppose to bring him to his classroom. He has not been to his classroom yet, the only place he's been to in Lourdes was the guidance office during the exam.

When ted and i arrived in school, Hans was already inside the classroom, sitting there, waiting for classes to start with his huge bag. Galing! I wonder how he found his classroom? When i asked him at the end of the day, apparently, he went with a parent, who had a kid, wearing similar prep-uniform like he was wearing, and she helped him find his way inside the big school. Bravo!

We stayed for about 30minutes observing the class, until all the parents were turned-away, since most the the kids are settled already. Three of his classmates were crying having separation anxieties. Hans, covered his ears, with all the crying. :) Until we waved him good-bye, as we went off to our respective days ahead.

In retrospect, I tell my friends and my husband, seeing my eldest starting in big school is a bit overwhelming. "Imagine, nagsisimula pa lang kami. Andaming pa niyang pagdadaanan... school projects, book reports, field trips, relationship problems... I recall my own childhoold challenges, yung maliit na mundo ko noon, na buong akala ko ay this is the world, yun pala, mas malawak pa ang mararating ko." My son has to undergo these things, overcome small challenges to grow up to be somebody someday.

My husband confidently assures me, "Kaya natin yan! We just have to take it a step at a time." Hahaha! Do i hear Jordin Sparks? Pero totoo nga, "We live and we learn...A step at a time, there's no need to rush. It's like learning to fly, or falling in love. It's gonna happen, baby, what's suppose to happen. When we find the reasons why, one step at a time."

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