Wednesday, October 21, 2009

what a historic pregnancy, this is!

I'm on my homestretch with my pregnancy. Being on my 37th week, I'm all set to pop, just waiting for the right moment. I already have my admitting orders from my OB.

What a relief. Honestly, I feel so bored already with the pregnancy. It's not that I love my daughter less, it's all the inconveniences that goes with carrying a heavy load for the past eight months. It's the loooong wait, taking a toll on my already-limited patience. It's wearing the same clothes week by week. I didn't bother investing in a lot of maternity clothes, save for the basic ones. I plan for this to be my last pregnancy. I just have the basic warddrobe, and they're all worked to seams.

Pregnancy inconveniences, like always feeling hungry, walang kabusugan! the restricted movements, caffeine, zero alcohol, no gimmicks, the disturbed sleep, I always wake up at night, either I need to pee, change my sleeping position, or I'm hungry again. Nakakapagod at Nakakasawa na rin!

This pregnancy is the most eventful one, speaking from historical perspective unfolding in the world. With my last two pregnancies, I cannot recall any huge events that happened, that rocked our world. But Baby Rania's 9months stay in my womb, is really memorable.

On a personal note, we moved to our new home in Kapitolyo April 2009. I was about 2-3months pregnant when we had the house renovated. I hope there are no permanent side effects to Rania with all the rebuilding, remodelling fumes that I inhaled.

A new and deadly strain of flu was discovered, and because it originated from pigs, it was called swine flu. It was almost declared a global pandemic. Classes were suspended for 10 days everytime a case is discovered in schools. My officemate who sat beside someone on a airplane who contracted swine flu, was quarantine for 10days in an isolated resort in Singapore. Suddenly, like the time of SARS in hongkong, wearing masks become fashionable again.

The King of Pop, Michael Jackson died, allegedly from overdose of prescription medicines. Suddenly, we can't get enough of Michael's music and videos again.

Cory Aquino, the former Philippine president who overthrew the Marcos regime died of colon cancer. Her funeral drew huge crowds and lasted from 8am to 9pm.

Ka Erdy Manalo, the most-revered Executive Minister of Iglesia ni Cristo also died, I was glued to the television watching the solemn and dignified funeral rites. My respect for INC members grew. My husband was asking whether I'm thinking of converting, because after the funeral, i used linger in the Tamang Daan show in GEM TV, listening to INC evangelists.

Typhoon Ondoy devastated Metro Manila. Almost all major cities are flooded, except our area, Kapitolyo and Ortigas, Pasig. Most of my colleagues, nu skin accounts, ted's former officemates in San Miguel, experienced horrible flooding. Some were flooded up to the 1st-2nd floors of their homes, their vehicles also flooded.

About two days after Typhoon Ondoy, Typhoon Pepeng wrecked havoc in northern luzon. Ted was on a business trip to Tuguegarao, despite advisories. How stupid can one get! They were stranded for 9 hours in Landslide prone areas. My accounts in baguio, pangasinan were affected, also.

A rare scientific occurance happened with Ondoy couldn't leave the country soon enough. The reason for this was the pull of the succeeding typhoon pepeng who's devasting Northern Luzon. Pag-asa called it Fujiwara Effect, and the last time it happened was 1974, my birthyear.

What else ba? I hope that was the last. No more unfavorable events before the year ends.

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