Saturday, October 27, 2007

Ivan's 1st Hair Cut

Haba na ng buhok nya! He's already 1.2 years old, yet hindi pa nagugupitan. I have some sentimental feelings. I want him retain that baby looks. His Dad wants him to be kalbo like his Kuya Hans when he was about the same age. But I said, Ivan has a different personality. Hans is tough. A bit rough on the edges. Ivan is cool. He's the quiet artist type.

We went to the Kids Salon at Robinson's Galleria. Initially si Hans ang pinagupitan. But we decided, sige, pati na rin si Ivan, because he has been scratching his head these past few days. Pero sana... long hair pa rin ha.. I don't want skin head! The salon is really made for kids. The seats are colored cars. There are toys and television sets. The kids are kept still watching tv. While waiting they can play in the play area. But cuts are expensive, 280 per child!

Sulit na rin after Hans was finished. He looked like a clean-school boy. Dito sa neighborhood barber, hindi pantay-pantay ang gupit, pag tumubo, sabog-sabog. Dito ung gupit pulido talaga. Then, it was Ivan's turn.. initially behave sya sa chair. So, we were aiming for a barbers' cut. But then after awhile ang likot na. He wants to get up, he keep looking at the barbero. Nangangati. Hay, sige na nga. Grasshead! Kalbuhin na! Out with the razor!
A few minutes with the! Is he the same child? Ibang-iba ang dating. Even the other folks in the salon agrees, lumutang ang face ni Ivan. Hmm.. naging tough-looking. But he's still the same cutie.. Look here!

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