Friday, December 7, 2007


Raising our first-born Hans Christian brings so much joy for first time parents. There are so many stories, anecdotes and memories you accumulate throughout the years. But then, time is cruel. It's a pity that these little things might be forgotten in the future. I'm putting some of them here, so that if memory fails me, I can always relive them here in the future.

On Having a Baby Brother

While I was expecting our Second child, we took pains in preparing hans for the envitable sibling jealousy which comes from being the center of attention for several years, then being confronted by a tiny newcomer. One day while we were having one of those loving moments, I told him, "Wow, Hans, Magiging Big Brother ka na." Hans was silent massaging my bulging tummy. I asked him again, "What do you want to name your baby brother?" Hans thinks hard, finally, he said, "Pinoy!" That brought a laugh even to my friends whom I texted the story. At that time, Pinoy Big Brother was such a hit since ABS-CBN brought the franchise to the Philippines.

On Happy Meals

Forget the gourmet dinners that you as a couple took while you were just a couple. With a toddler always in tow, it's always fastfood whether McDonald's or Jollibee everytime you bring him out. For hans, it's McDonald's Happy Meal. One day we were going thru a drive-thru. The crew said, "sorry. we only have Strawberry Shortcake Toys left." So, we told Hans, "Hans, sorry, no more toys for Boy." He thought for awhile, then whispered to my ear, "Mommy, alam ko na, "Kunwari, Girl Ako." :) That never fails to elicit laugh whenever I relay the story to my officemates.

On Gender Differences

While he was about 3 years old. We were just starting to teach him gender differences. Everytime we see something, we usually ask him, o ano siya? boy or girl? And he responds accordingly. One time, he sees me dressing up, he saw my breasts. He's not breastfed, so he's not so familiar with the looks of breasts. He asked me, Mama, Why do you have dede? I said, "because I'm a girl." To further enforce his gender learnings, I told him, "Yaya also has dede. She's also a girl." You and Daddy have no Dede! What are you? Hans thought for a minute, and then said.. "ah, Bestfriends."

First Crush

Hans met Cielo in a children's party at the office. Cielo is one of the guests. My officemates were teasing him to her. He also makes it a point to sit next to her. She's very pretty, around 4 years old, long hair. She looks like a model for children's magazine. Up until today, that hans is already 4 years old, when you ask him, Who is your crush? Even though he has new playmates and classmates. He always says, "cielo" in a respectful tone with reverence. Para bang, the girls now are no match for my first love...

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