Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Day of Global Fun

It was the annual Family Day once again of San Miguel Polo Brewery. For several years, the Family Day is held at Star City. This 2007, they held it at the new Global Fun Carnival near Mall of Asia.

End of November pa lang, excited na si Hans. He was literally counting the days.
Personally, I was excited too. I look forward to a welcome change from the perennial star city. Global Fun had good ads. Maybe they have great rides and attraction, too.
But when we arrived at Global Fun, the place was a complete let-down. The grounds are gravel, which makes it hard to bring a stroller. Needless to say, It was also inaccessible for handicapped.

The rides, whose photographs were very impressive, were a major let-down.
They were so small, only fit for little kids. It's like SM storyland bought outside where people can ride under the heat of the sun. How we longed for the air-conditioned facilities of Star City! We huddled around under the shades of the huge tent, SMC has erected for the magic show. The magician have talents that's in dire need of innovation. He's acting more like a stand-up comedian than a magician.

The bump cars where in such small space that you don't really need to push the accelerator. you just get bumped and bumped by just about anyone. The attractions like The Mummy, Pirates and Dinousaur were so pathetic. Even Hans who love dinousaurs doesn't want to enter the rooms. They look so pathetic. Peeling paints, styrofoam plaster so obvious.

Anyway, SMC made up with the Food provided. Lunch was KFC Bucket Meals with Rice, chicken, chicken sandwiches, brownies and drinks. Since it was Ted's and Hans' favorites, ok na rin.We didn't stay long. We went to the Wordwide Bazaar at World Trade Center.
The photos below were taken at the WTC Bazaar.

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