Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Ivan the Early Bird & Hans Bottle-lover

Kakatuwa sobra ito si Ivan. He's the first person to wake up in our home! At exactly 5am, you would hear his voice, "huh.huh.." calling you from his territory on the floor beside our bed. He sleeps on the opened sofa-bed on the floor. Ang aga magising! He wakes up his daddy, then Hans. I had to call his yaya, to bring him downstairs for us to get some sleep till about 6am.

They go downstairs together and play at 5am! He sleeps too early kasi, sometimes 630pm, when i come home from work, tulog na. Hans naman sleeps at 8. If he's not sleep at 8, and still watching TV, maya-maya lang, tantrums na, antok na kasi.
Hans is sobrang difficult to wean! Until now, he wants a bottle to lull him to sleep. Hindi makatulog. Eh di ba ubos na nga yung ngipin. So, the dentist advised as na sobrang labnaw na lang yung dede. As in, one scoop for 6 ounces! Wala syang pakialam kung matabang. He just want something to suck on before he sleeps.
I swore to myself, I will really put siling labuyo on his bottle para matigil na, pero di ko magawa. Naawa ako. minsan suka, so, hindi sya magdede. pero, next day, dede na naman. hay..

Ivan eats everything you give him. Whatever you're eating, he wants a bite. Kahit gulay, or tsitsiria. Basta, he will ask and taste it. Hindi naman uubusin. Nguya-nguya lang, then spit. So, cute. He now knows where we keep our food. He opens the fridge, looks around inside. Gets his G3 bottle. He loves the G3 juice, from my company nu skin. He's the only one in the family who finishes 2 bottles a month! Minsan naman, he points to the cabinet where we keep all the junkfoods, etc. Ginagaya yung kuya nya, parang nagsasabi, "Mom, can i see? anong meron?"
I'm so happy how my two little boys have gotten very close to each other. When ivan wakes up, he always want to cuddle with his kuya, and his kuya too hugs him and pats his head. So Cute tignan! Even ted & i are touched when we see them. Si hans naman, wherever he is, upstairs or downstairs playing, he wants Ivan with him. When his Dad brings him to school, he wants Ivan to go him them in the car. When they reach school, he wants Ivan to play in the school slide. We did it once, when Ted waited for us. He was so proud to show-off Ivan to his classmates. I'm so happy na wala na yung dating jealousy stage ni hans with Ivan. We always tell kasi that he's the big brother, he should take care of his baby brother...

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