Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sunday Afternoon in Luneta

Hans has been bugging us for quite sometime that he wanted to fly a kite. So, this morning when Ted had an errand in Manila, we took the time out to visit Luneta Park, and have a Kite Flying Day! In fact, he was the one who coined the word, when we told him that, we might have a chance to fly a kite today! He said, "wow, mom! Kite Flying Day!"

I bought him a cheap rainbow-colored saranggola only 45Php. Ivan, as usual was attracted to balls. I had to buy him one, kahit na meron na sa bahay, because he kept on pulling the plastic balls on display by the vendors.

There's a slight breeze enough to blow the kite. But Hans, Johnrick and my two helps, Amy & Carol, can't sem to get the hang of it. Hans wants to fly it by myself, but as soon as the fly takes off, it barrels down to the ground again. Hay, poor boy. He needs 5 more years to be able to pull this off.

Luneta is a still luneta, with a few major changes. For one, the grass near the grandstand, seems to be hopeless in becoming green again. It's almost brown because of the number of people trapsizing on it. There are so many people. Bad trip lang yung ibang dahil naninigarilyo.

Rizal monument is still the same. When Ted told hans that, the spot on the left (Tableu) is where our National Hero Jose Rizal was killed, Hans asked, "Where's the blood, Daddy?" :) No, Son. It happened a long time ago. They already cleaned it up.

It's fun to go to Luneta Park again and visit this old haunt when I was still a child and teenager. I remember Ate glo and Ate Dhel used to bring me there with my cousins Steven, Steward. Our baon is usually pan de sal with peanut butter. We would bring mats, and set-up under a coconut tree near the breakwater. Ngayon wala ng halos mga puno. They're building a new complex called Manila Ocean Park. It's already opened but the facilities are not yet finished, so we'd rather visit it some other time.

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