Saturday, September 20, 2008

Daddy's & Hans' Day-out

It's field trip season once again at Red Apple. Last year, I accompanied Hans, but this year, I was out for an assignment in Indonesia. Thus, it was Ted's turn to chaperone our school boy.

They went to Goldilocks Cake Factory in Mandaluyong. The parents were not allowed to get inside. There were no photos inside the cake-making processes also. They had lunch at the Goldilocks Restaurant across the factory. I gathered from Ted that he overdid himself, ordering too many food, but surprisingly, both of them finished it all. Our son is really growing. Even at home, the yaya complains that Hans keep on demanding for food, even after just an hour of lunch.

Next stop was Ark Avilon, a petting zoo near Tiendesitas. The kids had a field day interacting with the animals.

Near Tiendesitas is Active Fun, A covered warehouse-type full of cushioned play areas. The kids also enjoyed the slides, the colorful balls and all the other amenities.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Ivan Turns Two!

Ivan turned a year older last August 28, 2008. We wanted to have a kiddie party for him, but then, we realized that we have very few friends with the same ages as hans and ivan. The party will end up with more oldies than kids. So, we decided to just have some cake, cook kiddie foods and buy some ice cream.

That evening, we went to Eastwood City, the Walk. The kids miss the crabs, that my brother Ricky uses to bring from aroroy, masbate. So, we decided to have some crabs and shrimps, among other stuffs, at the new restaurant in Eastwood City called Seafood World (?). I can't recall if it's the exact name, but it's the one that replaced Twist of Mingoy's. A pity, since we love Mingoy's oysters sooooo much.

Ivan's very cute and lovable lately. The way he says words are so cute. Whenever I go to work and we say our good-byes, he says, "Bye, Mommy. Inat.. (for ingat!)." More often, only his yaya ate Amy, can understand what he means. He will say several nonsense sounds, like several words put together, totally incomprehensible. Ate amy will tranlate for us.

The two kids are very sweet to each other. Ted brings hans to school daily and Ivan tags along. Ivan will throw a fit, if Hans proceeds to the school without kissing him goodbye. One time, we had to run after hans going to the classroom, because Ivan was crying that Hans didn't kiss him. So cute. I hope their relationship will stay as sweet as the years go by.

Although sometimes, they horse around the house, or jump like monkeys on the bed. Augh! There are times they quarrel with the same toy. They really test my patience. Coming from work, i just want to plop on the bed and watch Gossip Girl. However, it's the only time, they can have me for themselves. So, they want me to play referee.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Child's Play Photography

We took the kids for a photo session at Child's Play Photography, to mark Ivan's 2nd birthday. Hans was a natural at the camera. He's so like me, i guess. He knows how to play with the camera. He easily takes directions. He even encourages Ivan to smile and pose.

Now, Ivan is a different matter. He's very shy, and took awhile for the photographer to coax a smile out of him. But when he does, it's sooo cute and innocent. He melts your heart.
I should have thought of having these yearly studio shots sooner. Medyo mahal lang. Pero worth it when you get the photos. A professional result on the images of your kids when they celebrate a milestone.

We also had a family-sitting. But i didn't like it that much. My & my husband's faces looked so professionally airbrushed or photoshop-ed, whatever you call it. We looked fakes.

Maybe we should try another studio sometime. But we paid membership fee for child's play, sayang din. I also didn't like the set-up at child's play, the props and the area are not clean. Most of the costumes are dirty. Makalat at maalikabok. The kids' photos turned out nicely though. The photographer took lots of shots, and you choose from numerous choices. One observation though, the photographer was not so kid-friendly. Medyo distant yung dating. She should have spent a few minutes warming up with the kids, so she can coax a smile from them, especially the little one.

Anyway, it was a nice experience and we'll go back again, if only to maximize the membership. You don't get the negatives, you have them print or replicate it for you.